Our Services

Free installation

Bought some new art?  From us - AWESOME - We'll deliver and install it for free if your within 90-mile radius of our Santa Fe, NM gallery.  Bought art from someone else? Well, we could have got you some MORE amazing stuff, but we wont cry too long or hard about.  But chek it out - We’re happy to hang it or install even our COMPETITORS art for you in your home at NO CHARGE to you!  So give us a call and we'll have our professionals at mountain trails schedule a time to come take care of those art needs! 

Free Installation and Delivery on Monuments

Mountain Trails specializes in monumental works for homes, corporations and municipalities. If you live in the continental US and purchase or commission a monument, we’re happy to deliver and install your piece at no charge. We’re experts at it! All we ask is that you provide the base, lighting and a crane (if necessary) at the site. This can save you money, time and stress.


Sometimes you’ll love a painting or bronze, but it isn’t quite right in size or in some other detail. Most of our artists do custom commission work, and each one we’ve done has been a happy success for both the collector and the artist. It’s a great way to get exactly what you’re looking for. Here’s how it works:

#1 If you live within a 60-mile radius of our Santa Fe gallery, we’re happy to bring your newly-purchased bronze or painting right to your home for you. We’ll help you hang it or install it at no charge. If you need assistance hanging other art you own, we’ll even help you with that as well.

Commission #2

The artist then works up a sketch or paints a small study for you to approve. He or she will also photograph their work about halfway through, to be sure they’re on the right track. At this point, you’ll discuss framing, patina, etc.

The minute I walked into Mountain Trails Fine Art in Santa Fe and saw the work of Jessica Garrett I believed I had finally found the artist we had been seeking for 6 years. I asked the gallery if Jessica Garrett would take a commission. Response was yes. We contacted Jessica and provided her with a photo of Torrey Pines and spoke with her about the space that we needed to fill and how important the light would be to us and the space. She sent us interim photo's of the work and I even visited her to see the painting in its infancy. It was such a positive experience and now we have the painting of our dreams for our space. Many thanks to Jessica, a very talented young artist, and to the gallery for such professional but friendly service. " -Leslie Harnish

Commission 3

The artist finishes your piece and, after your final approval, we collect the second half of your payment. The artist then frames it and ships it directly to you from their studio.

Installments Pay as you Go

We love to help our collectors get the art that moves them into their homes. If you need to make payments over a few months, we’re happy to work with you. A deposit of your first installment is all it takes.

Philanthropy & Charitable Giving

Collectors can buy or commission a work of art from us to donate to their Alma Mater (monumental bronzes representing their college mascot, for example), their business (a bronze or painting that reflects an area of their organization) or their community (a work to beautify an area and depict the history and spirit of a place, or its unique wildlife). Talk with your CPA, but when donating through your college, or a 501 c (3) non-profit, the donation is wholly or partially tax deductible. Many times the art can be listed as a fixture and expensed. There are so many ways that art can enrich communities, college campuses, corporate common areas- What better way to give, than through the gift of art – we help walk you through the process.

Re- Sell You’re Art With Us!

If you own a painting, sculpture or monument you'd like to re-sell, you've come to the right place. We can help broker your art to our collectors, and get visibility for your at in our prime gallery location ins Santa Fe, NM. We are interested in talking to you about the possibilities of outright purchasing and consignment options for your artwork. We offer a competitive split based on industry standards and work for you to help find your art a new home. Call our experts today to discuss your art collection.